Project proposalrhetoric(1)The Mooting Society is known to be unconventional when it comes to events and competitions and it has not lost this peculiar touch. From the Model United Nations to several moot competitions under its belt, it continues to deliver. Nevertheless, it has not gone unnoticed that most of these programs are limited to members only. In response to this predicament, as well as the obvious need for it, the School of Reasoning and Rhetoric was born.

Every law student should know the basic skills that are required of a good lawyer; the ability to process information at a high speed, impeccable research skills, the ability to know the most suitable answer where there are several right answers, confident and articulate speaking, legal writing, and etc. The list goes on and on.

The school’s main objective is to teach young and aspiring lawyers the highly intellectual art and skill of persuasion, the proficiency/ expertise of being convincing when driving a point. And not only that, but also making every word count in such an environment, so that each sentence can be concise and efficient with the delivery of a point because the indisputable fact is, even though lawyers are known to be widely verbose, a law student partaking in competitions or events would not be granted the privilege of an unconstrained or adequate time limit.

Every member of the faculty is welcome to apply as a participant; however, there are limited spaces for participants. Participants would be chosen strictly on grounds of eligibility upon reception of applications.
The mooting society understands that networking is very important in the legal profession. The school will be a framework for students to convene and learn from eminent lawyers, judges, and renowned academia.

The program is set to run the expanse of a month; February-March 2016, at the conclusion of which, a series of tests would be conducted. Awards and certificates would be issued to successful individuals. Signing up for this program would be a chance to kill two birds with one stone. It is one more qualification to add to your CV, and it provides an opportunity to develop yourself as an individual giving you an edge in the job market and life itself.
The pros of this program can not all be listed out on this blog post; the rest is for you to experience yourself.

For all you need to know and more, we’ve attached a PDF file at the top left. Hope you take time out to go through.

Welcome to the school.

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