Flag of Convenience Problems in Admiralty, Aviation and Space Law by Olika Daniel Godson (2016) 2 JMSUL 25

Flag of Convenience problems originated in Admiralty Law due to the requirement of the registration of ships. This matter in relation to that area of the law has been the subject matter of academic discussion for a long time now. However, with the development of Aviation and Space Laws and the similar requirements for the registration of aviation and space vessels; it is widely believed in some quarters that we might be combating the same problem in Aviation and Space Laws any time soon; as we already did in Admiralty Law for decades. This article is an attempt to discuss the problem it constitutes already to Admiralty Law as well as the potential problem it poses to Aviation and Space Laws. However, before addressing these problems in relation to these areas of the law, it is pertinent to introduce the concept and trace its origin.

To download the full article CLICK HERE

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