All over the world, the frequency with which various crimes are being perpetrated seems to be uncontrollable. The difference between an underdeveloped and developed country in the incidence level of crime lies not in the rate at which criminal activities are perpetrated but in the ingenuity, substance and velocity of the responses and investigation systems in existence. It is highly detrimental for any country’s response to be static, as the global scene constantly evolves and so do criminal motivations and machinery. Serial killers, rapists, murderers, drug traffickers even terrorists may never be prosecuted in the absence of adequate technological advancement to strengthen investigative capacity and assist in building reliable evidence. An outcome of technological advancement in criminal investigation is the ever-evolving field of Forensic Criminal Science. A key player in criminal investigation in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, the application of forensic science to crime often involves the collection, preservation and analysis of scientific evidence which include Ballistics, DNA, Hair, Fiber, Finger prints among others. This paper seeks to examine the emergent significance of forensic evidence in the Nigerian Criminal Investigation system.
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