​The Mooting Society, Faculty of Law is proud to introduce The School of Reasoning and Rhetoric. ‘The School aims to teach young and aspiring lawyers the highly intellectual art of persuasion, the proficiency of convincing when engaged in an argument as well as impeccable research skills.

The precincts of this program would focus largely on four key areas: Moot and Mock Trials, Brief Writing, Public Speaking and Debating.

Moreso, participants would have these aspects taught by exponents in these regards who have distinguished themselves in the respective key areas and are models to others. From renowned public speakers, to internationally acclaimed mooters, to solicitors who have shown prowess in brief writing, The School 2017 promises an excellent programme! 

Participants would also be gifted an opportunity to a Compendium which would provide more insight to the grey areas being taught and would further broaden their horizon in clearly understanding several intricate concepts.

The program is set to run 4 weeks from February- March 2017, at the conclusion of which, series of tests would be conducted and awards and certificates would be issued to successful individuals. Indeed, this programme presents a chance to not only develop your innate abilities,  but serves as an additional qualification to your CV. 
Programme fees are #5,000

Every member of the Faculty of Law is welcome to apply, however, there are limited spaces for participants. Participants would be chosen strictly on grounds of eligibility upon reception of applications.

Names of successful candidates will be published.

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