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A lot of qualities are required of a good lawyer. Other than a sound knowledge and application of the law (legal skills), a good lawyer is expected to be persuasive, creative, an exceptional researcher and overall, an effective communicator (personal skills).

The Main Objective of The School:

“To teach young and aspiring lawyers the highly intellectual art and skill of persuasion, the proficiency/ expertise of being convincing when driving a point.”

This 4 week programme is themed:

The 21st Century Lawyer: The Twin Spirits of Advocacy and Research

The programme is set to run the expanse of a month; February-March 2017, at the conclusion of which, a series of tests would be conducted. Awards and certificates would be issued to successful individuals. Signing up for this program would be a chance to kill two birds with one stone. It is one more qualification to add to your CV, and it provides an opportunity to develop yourself as an individual.

Every member of the faculty is welcome to apply as a participant; however, there are limited spaces for participants. Participants would be chosen strictly on grounds of eligibility upon reception of applications. Everyone in the Faculty of Law is going to leave with an LL.B degree but not everyone is going to enjoy the thrilling experiences The School has to offer. Give yourself a chance for something great!

Apply here:
We would love to help you hone your legal and personal skills.

See you upon resumption!



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