Second Semester Begins!


IMG_2588Well, for us, that is. Though, the semester officially began just about three weeks ago. But, The Society had her first official meeting of the semester yesterday, the 23rd of May. The President of The Mooting Society, Olamide Sholabomi welcomed members back from the holiday and informed everyone that the second semester would be full of activities and many competitions would also be taking place. Members were also encouraged to pay their dues. Daniel Olika, the DIrector of Research, also encouraged members to try out for the various competitions coming up and write articles for the upcoming volume of the Moot Journal, JMSUL Volume III No 2 .  If you haven’t read Vol III No 1, do read here .


We also had impromptu public speaking competitions. Those called were given a topic and required to speak on it for 30 seconds. Some topics discussed include

  • Being a child is overrated.
  • Taxation is constitutional but not right.
  • Most humans hear but do not listen.
  • Breakup insurance policy should be implemented.
  • Celebrities shouldn’t be held to higher moral standards.
  • Elections are the biggest flaw of democracy.
  • War as an instrument of foreign policy.

Safe to say, we started the semester on the right foot.

See photos from the first meeting below.


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