The Vets – Phillips C Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition

The Phillips C. Jessup International Moot Court Competition, popularly known as Jessup is the world’s oldest, largest and most prestigious international law moot court competition.

The competition is a simulation of a fictional dispute between countries at the International Court of Justice (ICJ)

Every year, over 600 participants from over 90 law schools across the world take part in Jessup and Faculty of Law, University of Lagos is one of them. In recent years, The Mooting Society has had several of its members compete and do excellently well.

In preparation for Jessup 2018, we wish all the participants the very best. Here are a few notes and experiences from some of the Jessup Vets.


I took part in Jessup 2015 as a participant and Jessup 2017 as an international memorial judge. For Jessup 2015, we won the second best memorial for the Applicant at the Nigeria rounds. Jessup provided a platform to delve into an area of law I had a passion for and found interesting, though I had little class knowledge of that, i.e International Law. 

The facts were centred mainly around secession and mineral rights which were hit issues at the time. Take Russia and Ukraine, Kosovo, Czech and Slovakia, South Sudan and Sudan for instance. Jessup gave me an opportunity to explore arguments such as economic arguments, and not necessarily legal. It made me realise that there’s never a situation so bad that an argument cannot be canvassed for it.

Quote: The party thought guilty always has a defence and it’s really left for the Applicant to prove it’s case.

Lesson: Having passion is good but being able to persuade with logical arguments devoid of sentiment is great!

– Mazeedah


Jessup moot is probably the most important extra-curricular activity I’ve ever taken part in.
The facts, the arguments and the entire aura of such a competition actually leaves a lasting impact, expanding your insight into a lot of legal issues and totally changing your outlook on addressing legal problems and raising arguments, whether in the class room or in moot/practice. It was game changer for me, asides of course seizing the opportunity to win the regional rounds. 

– Ipinnu


Participating in Jessup 2015 moot was a challenging one, given that it was the first time we’d be participating in about half a dozen years. However, when you have a fantastic team, like the one I had, the privilege of working with everything becomes seamless. International law is a live area which every moot member should be interested in and the platform Jessup gives you can not be quantified.


For more information about Jessup, visit

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