Member Of The Month – Ilamosi Ekenimoh

‘Everybody in the society then, were these amazing, smart, talented individuals. I wanted to learn, I wanted a little bit of that to rub off’

–  Ilamosi Ekenimoh


And it certainly did! You know those people who are effortlessly smart, beautiful and in everything they do, leave you spellbound and anticipating for more; from oratory prowess to academics and everything else? Ilamosi Ekenimoh is one of those people. A quick search for her on Google sums it all up; Price Media Law Moot, African Human Rights Moot, Lagos Model United Nations, Youth Party, Know Your Constitution, these are just a few achievements under her belt.

The Public Relation Officers, Zulu Uwolloh and Titilope Adedokun recently conducted an interview with her. Enjoy and learn a thing or two!

PS – This is not your regular interview. It’s fun, intellectual and witty, all at the same time.

The PROS – We’ve always wondered what your name means. It is such a beautiful and unique name. So tell us, what does your name, Ilamosi mean?

Ilamosi Ekenimoh – It means ‘I pray to God’ but in the context of my birth, ‘I prayed to God for this child’.

(And all our muscles turned to mush!)

The PROS – What three words best describe you?

Ilamosi Ekenimoh – Loool. Awkward, Beautiful and Bibliophile.

The PROs – Yes, you are absolutely beautiful, inside and out.

Ilamosi Ekenimoh – Aww, thanks.

The PROs – What aspect of law do you love the most and see yourself practicing? Or would you rather not practice?

Ilamosi Ekenimoh – If it is about technology, the internet and law, then I’m there. If I do go into practice.

The PROs – Wow. That’s awesome. Was this one of the reasons you participated in Price Media Moot? Or was it after you participated that you fell in love with it?

Ilamosi Ekenimoh – I tried out for Price Media (the first time) a bit reluctantly. I was interested in all those areas, but I wasn’t sure. Price solidified that interest. So yes, the love came after.


The PROs – What year did you join the mooting society and why did you join?

Ilamosi Ekenimoh – I joined in 2015. Everybody in the society then, were these amazing, smart, talented individuals. I wanted to learn, I wanted a little bit of that to rub off.

The PROs – If you could ask the President of Nigeria one question, what would it be?

Ilamosi Ekenimoh – Hmmm. I could easily get into trouble here, so, a question. I’ll ask him a question.

The PROs – Smart choice. What has been the most challenging thing or competition you have ever taken part in, till date and what was the greatest thing you learnt from it?

Ilamosi Ekenimoh – My most challenging competition would be the ANUDC- All Nigerian Universities Debate Competition. It is very different from mooting, you can never be absolutely prepared and it is mentally tasking because it is a combination of impromptu speech, debate and policy drafting. I learnt… well, a lot. There was no greatest lesson because all were equally important.

The PROs – How do you do it, balance school and competitions, whilst having quite a social life and doing all excellently well?

Ilamosi Ekenimoh – I laugh in GP. Cliché, but it’s God and a lot of planning, and slying and little sleep.

(Oh! Teach us thy ways.)

The PROs – Are you a planner or do you just go with the flow?

Ilamosi Ekenimoh – I go with the flow. Then, I plan as I reach the destination it’s taking me.

The PROs – What was the last book you read and would you recommend it to anyone? If yes, why?

Ilamosi Ekenimoh – The last hard cover book I read was The Mystery Gunman By Kayode Eso. I’d definitely recommend it for fellow literature enthusiasts and lovers of history, particularly Nigerian history. It’s a beautiful symphony of literature and law, you’ll love it.

The PROs – For aspiring moot members, what two tips would you give to scale through the interview stage?

Ilamosi Ekenimoh – Be you, be smart. Be passionate about something, anything. The mooting society will get you closer to that dream.

Because, Ilamosi with the good hair! 

The PROs – We totally agree. If you could change something about the legal profession, what would it be?

Ilamosi Ekenimoh – Arrgh, the laws. They are either outdated, non-existent, inflexible or inadequate.

The PROs – What other things do you do besides being a fantastic orator, law student, a member of the mooting society?

Ilamosi Ekenimoh – If I told you. I’d have to kill you. But, it’s pretty important stuff.

(Thus, we politely declined, using the hear-no-evil and say-no-evil emojis )

The PROs – Who is your favorite orator and why?

Ilamosi Ekenimoh – All the greats are taken but I do draw a lot of inspiration from spoken word. And my favorites are Rudy Francisco and Javon Johnson. They’re new age but their speech contains layers that you can only understand if you know the context. And their ability to communicate emotion… that’s something I want to have one day.

The PROs – What do you love most about Lex Gemot?

Ilamosi Ekenimoh – It’s the people plus the moot spirit and its culture of excellence.



  • Judge or Jury? Judge
  • Game of Thrones or Stranger Things? GOT
  • Emmanuel Macron or Justin Trudeau? Emmanuel Macron
  • Feminism or Egalitarianism? Feminism
  • Moot or Mock Trials? Moot
  • French or Spanish? French
  • Favorite animal? None
  • Favorite mythical creature? None
  • Favorite legal series? The Good Wife
  • Favorite food? Banga Soup or Groundnut Soup and Pounded Yam
  • Favorite color? Purple
  • If you had one superpower, what would it be? Time Travel
  • If you weren’t studying law, what would you be studying? Political Science, Medicine or Engineering
  • Greatest inspiration or motivation? Knowledge
  • Best advice ever received? Mind your business!

Ilamosi Ekenimoh is a 500 Level student of the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos and a member of The Mooting Society.

2 thoughts on “Member Of The Month – Ilamosi Ekenimoh

  1. This society is where one would want to be.
    Seeing the products of this place.
    Ilamosi deserved the award.


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