Member Of The Month – Ipinnuoluwa Ade-Ademilua

From getting late to his Moot Interview two years ago (and being penalized for it- he had to be part of the last set to be interviewed) to becoming the ‘Moot master’ (We see you Jessup 2017!)

Time has proven, Ipinnuoluwa Ade-Ademilua is certainly a force to be reckoned with! His impeccable taste in music, love of video games and effortless awesomeness makes it official; you can have it all! There’s no one right formula but Ipinnu embodies the mix of excellence, hard-work, originality, creativity and pizzazz that we all should aspire to.

The Public Relation Officers, represented by Zulu Uwolloh, recently conducted an interview with him. And we’re not just saying this because we did the interview but it’s spectacular and trust us, you’ll be amazed!

THE PROs: So in the words of most Nigerian interviewers, can we meet you?

IPINNU: I am Ipinnuoluwa Ade-Ademilua, a 400 level law student of the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos. I’m a friendly person at first instance. I enjoy music, sports and have an interest in art, which could be anything creative, even tech.

THE PROs: At first instance?

IPINNU: I’m not exactly an extrovert but I’m social just enough to come across as nice.

THE PROs: When did you join the mooting society?

IPINNU: In my second year, upon direct entry. I heard the term ‘Moot or Mooting Society’ in ‘Suits’, the TV series, and felt it helped one of the characters, ‘Harvey Spectre’ distinguish himself in law school and in practice.

THE PROs: Suits is great! Harvey Spectre is beautiful! But it’s not really the same though, is it? I mean you’ve done internships in different law firms; Templars if I remember correctly; doesn’t the show kind of get your hopes up?

IPINNU: Well yeah, you don’t realise how stressful it can be. But I think it depends on you as a person to make the best of it. And know yourself, no point hustling to the top in other people’s eyes but being at a low in yours.

THE PROs: That’s a good mantra. As everyone knows, you’re basically the ‘moot master’ but is that all you’re interested in? What other areas in the mooting society are you willing to try?

IPINNU: Uhm, whatever I have the time and energy for. I’m really a free-spirit when it comes to these things.  Even Asap Rocky has asked; ‘Since when did it become not cool to try’. Trying actually includes putting in the effort.

THE PROs: Preach! So what can you say has been the most challenging competition you’ve ever taken part in?

IPINNU: As part of the society or generally?

THE PROs: Generally…

IPINNU: Well there was a commercial arbitration moot that clashed with like three other things I was doing. So that was a very trying period but competition itself would be The Philip C Jessup International Moot.

THE PROs: Why did you pick the Jessup Moot?

IPINNU: it required the most work but a lot of it ended up running smoothly mostly because of drive.

THE PROs: What other areas in the mooting society are you willing to try?

IPINNU: I’ve done debates, public speaking competitions, an MUN and a mooting competition both in and outside of the society so anything outside of those is still fine with me.

THE PROs: Wow! That’s a lot. I’m pretty sure I’ve only done two MUNs and a couple of impromptu speeches.

IPINNU: Two MUNs and a couple of speeches, meaning multiple speeches!

THE PROs: Don’t mock me. Are you in any other societies?

IPINNU: Yeah, a couple of others.

THE PROs: How do you balance that with school and moot?

IPINNU: Uhm, I just try to get by like every other student. School is obviously important, so I do my best to follow through and keep up with the extracurriculars. I’d actually like to join other societies, experience something more and new.

THE PROs: You’re our role model sir. Was getting into moot tougher than you thought it would be?

IPINNU: Uhm, not exactly. I wasn’t aware of how tight it was (it used to be at the time) and so I didn’t go in feeling pressure. All in all, we thank God.

THE PROs: Everyone has an embarrassing story to tell about their moot interview. Something they wish they’d done differently. For example; I wish I hadn’t described America as overpopulated. What’s yours?

IPINNU: I was late (I came then left) so I was told I couldn’t do the interview but then someone intervened and I was allowed to do it but I had to wait and go in as one of the last (as a sanction), and then when I finally got in, I was told to leave cause one of the panelists didn’t hear me greet, but then I got called back before I walked out. I was already very annoyed then (laughs), but then it was a great interview and panel in the end.

THE PROs: What advice do you have for those that want to get in this year?

IPINNU: Uhm, be you and stand out. Obviously be prepared but the first part is be yourself and stand out because that’s what would help even after getting in.

THE PROs: Solid advice. Would you call yourself an avid reader?

IPINNU: LOL. Not exactly, I try to get knowledge and experiences through books here and there though.

THE PROs: So any women in your life?

IPINNU: Quite a number. After God, they are, to an extent, responsible for who I am.

THE PROs: If you could write a book about the Mooting Society, what would you call it?

IPINNU: Personal experience or general?

THE PROs: Both?

IPINNU: Uhm… ‘The whole world from a room’, ‘The world in a room’ or ‘Lessons from a world in a room’. I think those are sh*tty titles but oh well…

THE PROs: I like the third one, very astute. Why do you think people should join the mooting society?

IPINNU: You could learn quite a lot and it opens you up to avenues and skills that would otherwise be hard to obtain.


THE PROs: Now it’s time for our favourite part… Speed Round!! If you could be anyone for a day, dead or alive, who would you be?

IPINNU: Can I say God?

THE PROs: Wow… That’s different. I guess you can.

IPINNU: Well the world is a mess, human beings are a mess and I’d love to fix all that. But I guess that there’s much more, maybe too much for me to comprehend. But human and just for a day, I’d like to be Drake, not that I like him a lot but he really looks like he’s really enjoying life.

THE PROs: I get where you’re coming from. What’s your favourite thing about the society?

IPINNU: Learning, applying myself and working alongside some amazing people ladies from time to time.

THE PROs: Have you ever heard the term ‘Yoruba Demon’?

IPINNU: Haha… Yes.

THE PROs: Have you ever been described as one?

IPINNU: Unfortunately, yes.

THE PROs: You don’t say. By who?

IPINNU: A number of people, mostly in the moot court.

THE PROs: I like these people.

IPINNU: I don’t consider myself one to be honest. I just enjoy talking to and admiring females, such as you.

THE PROs: LMAO. Let’s move on. If you weren’t studying law, what would you be doing now?

IPINNU: Studying something else, learn physics, gain some skills like movie direction, do music, sports or try to kick off a start up.

THE PROs: What would you study?

IPINNU: Mass Comm, Mechanical Engineering, Bus Admin or Psychology. I know it’s a lot.

THE PROs: Hmm. Awon scholar. A start up you say, what sort of start up?

IPINNU: I’d like to invest in creative people and/or products designed to make living better. Profits and Vision geared towards awareness of various vices in society beginning with sexual harassment and charity, basically a social enterprise.

THE PROs: I see you’ve thought about this. That sounds like a solid business idea.

IPINNU: Yeah. It’s something that’s close to my heart. This is one of the few times I’ve shared it.

THE PROs: Aww. We’re honoured. You also mentioned music. What kind of music are you interested in?

IPINNU: I listen to like everybody. A lot of old guys like Elvis, the Beatles, Sade Adu and Bon Jovi, Kanye, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, Florence + The Machine, to a lot of old school and main stream Rap, Christian Rock, Alternative Rock, Nigerian Music, RnB, Soul, EDM, the whole lot.

THE PROs: What’s your favourite song?

IPINNU: It’s hard to think of one right now but there’s Kid Cudi – Pursuit of Happiness and a lot of Kendrick Lamar songs.

THE PROs: Kendrick Lamar is the plug. I like Humble and DNA… and Love.

IPINNU: I like you. Rather your taste in music. But I like you too.

THE PROs: It’s hard not to, I’m pretty amazing.

IPINNU: I can tell.

THE PROs: So you can sing? Or is it rap?

IPINNU: I’m good with words, so the latter.

THE PROs: Is that why you’re referred to as a Yoruba Demon?

IPINNU: No actually, people just mistake my being nice for that. I don’t like it though; it stops some girls from believing me when I actually like them.

THE PROs: Hmm. Gist us. Which girl?

IPINNU: Like you.

THE PROs: LOL. Moving on… Superman or Batman?

IPINNU: Batman. But I’m more of an X-Men type of guy.

THE PROs: Marvel Comics or DC Comics?

IPINNU: Marvel

THE PROs: Are you as excited for Black Panther as I am?

IPINNU: I am but maybe not as much as you.

THE PROs: No one is as excited as I am. Your answer to this will determine our friendship… Who’s the better Batman? Christian Bale or Ben Affleck?

IPINNU: Christian Bale, by far.

THE PROs: God bless you! If you could have one superpower what would it be?

IPINNU: Uhm… No idea. Maybe be able to read and control people’s minds.

THE PROs: That could come in handy. Do you have any hidden talents?

IPINNU: Well, I’m more of an idea guy but I’m good with sports (I think), as well as music, if those count.

THE PROs: Sports could be a talent I guess. What sports do you do?

IPINNU: I play and follow Football, Basketball and I have an interest in American football. Oh, I dance too, I didn’t say I’m good at it but I dance.

THE PROs: Oshe! I can’t dance to save my life.

IPINNU: I can teach you.

THE PROs: I can’t be taught. I’m doomed to be one of the few black people that have two left feet. If you didn’t get into moot, would you have tried out again?

IPINNU: I think so.

THE PROs: Hero or Villain?


THE PROs: Favourite author?

IPINNU: LOL. I don’t have a particular one.

THE PROs: Favourite book?

IPINNU: It changes a lot but in recent memory, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, How Intelligence Kills by Okechukwu Ofiliand. Right now, I’m reading Working on a Dream by G. Fagbure.

THE PROs: We’re almost done, Brownies honour. What’s your favourite movie?

IPINNU: I like DiCaprio movies, so maybe Wolf of Wall Street. I watch a lot of movies based on the director or critic reviews. Oh yeah, and The Godfather.

THE PROs: I’ve never actually finished that movie.

IPINNU: Quite 18+ but its good. I like movies about rise-to-fame, cartel schemes, and thrillers like Inception.

THE PROs: Who would have thought?

IPINNU: I don’t watch horror. I like directors like, Martin Scorcesse, Quentin Tarantino, David O. Russell, and Christopher Nolan.

THE PROs: So you’ve watched Dunkirk?

IPINNU: No actually.

THE PROs: Me neither. To be honest, I only wanted to see it cause of Harry Styles. What’s your favourite area of law?

IPINNU: Studying or Practicing?

THE PROs: Both?

IPINNU: Studying… Public Law courses (Dr Osho is amazing) Practice… Most likely CIL or Human Rights, both International law level.

THE PROs: Interesting. If you could have a conversation with 3 people in the world, who would they be? Humans this time.

IPINNU: Dead or alive?

THE PROs: Both?

IPINNU: Can we structure it as 3 sets of people. So first, a couple of people from the Bible, second, a lot of rulers, activists and business men from centuries ago like Alexander, MLK, John Rockefeller and thirdly, creative people and inventors like Einstein, Tyler the Creator and Elon Musk. Oh, and Tupac.

THE PROs: That is some intricate list… You’ve got an interesting mix of people there. Who do you look up to in the mooting society?

IPINNU: Nobody. But I admire a number of people.

THE PROs: For example?


THE PROs: LMAO. And finally! Drum roll please… What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the word ‘Mooting’?

IPINNU: Time to step up.

THE PROs: Yay!! And this marks the end of our moot member of the month interview! Thank you, Ipinnu!

Ipinnuoluwa Ade-Ademilua is a 400 Level student of the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos and a member of The Mooting Society.

2 thoughts on “Member Of The Month – Ipinnuoluwa Ade-Ademilua

  1. I enjoyed this. Ipinnu is such an amazing person. He has a lot going for him and he manages to be level-headed. That’s pretty amazing. Keep up the good work bro.


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