Member Of The Month – Nelson Iheanacho

From the troves of the Public Relations Officers, represented by Titilope Adedokun; We present to you February’s Member Of The Month, Nelson Iheanacho.

This is probably the most unconventional interview he’s ever had but first time’s a charm! And we must say, from Wakanda to Words, Nelson lives up to his meaning of his name, Greatness.

A public speaker, phenomenal debater, a team player and an inspirational person, he’s all about making impact in people’s lives and does this in every way possible. In the words of Emeli Sandé, read all about it.

The PROs: Who is Nelson Iheanacho?

Nelson: Nelson Iheanacho is a third year law student of the University of Lagos and an indigene of Imo State. I have an ideology which guides me in all I do and that’s the fact that man must show resolve and hard work in all he determines to do.

The PROs: Umm, word. Thank you, Nelson. What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

Nelson: The fact that I love to affect the lives of others. I’m someone who would share a portion of his almost non-existent property to help one in need and spend time explaining stuffs to another.

The PROs: I think that’s amazing. Because, we live in a generation of too many I’s and not enough We’s and it’s remarkable to meet a young man who is dedicated to helping others.

Nelson: Very True.

The PROs: Moving on, when you found out you were Member Of The Month, how did you feel?

Nelson: A little pride, fulfillment came in and I said to myself “this is the biggest recognition”. Nice to know your little impact is felt in your family.

The PROs: I recall that you joined the Society last year. Why did you decide to become a member of the Mooting Society?

Nelson: First of all, it was a matter of joining the source of greatness of a lot of people. Then, the need for personal development. Yes, and not to mention the elite nature of the society. For me, it was all goals.

The PROs: I think you’re an all-rounder. I’ve seen you do Moot, Mock Trials, Debates; both Karl Popper and BP, Public Speaking etc. Out of all the activities of The Mooting Society, which would you ‘defend’ and why?

Nelson: Moot, because it bothers on our lawyering skills.

The PROs: Which is your favorite?

Nelson: British Parliamentary Debate. I think we need to give a lot of attention to British Parliamentary and Mock trials.

The PROs: What do you like about British Parliamentary Debate? Because a lot of people would say that it’s a bit boring or so.

Nelson: It’s engaging. It allows one to properly express himself in terms of it’s not too formal or strict nature. And it banks on logic. That is important in building our mental capacity. So it’s boring to those who don’t get the idea.

The PROs: What has been the most memorable competition or conference you have participated in, till date? And what made it memorable?

Nelson: Competition; That will be the Youth Tax Summit Project Innovate. I felt very close to the big names in taxation and I had an opportunity to show what students can bring to the field. Also, the team had this family relationship. Conference; Lagos Model United Nations 2016 and it got better as a staff in 2017. I know after the 2018 conference, I’ll have another best conference on the list.

The PROs: What has been the most challenging thing you have participated in, in the Mooting Society? And why was it challenging?

Nelson: I’ll say the Oxford I.P Moot preparations. I never knew a thing about IP and the facts were complex. A WIPO document felt like the biggest material I was ever going to read. But, I came out of it.

The PROs: You are involved in quite a number of activities; The Mooting Society, Tax Club, Unilag Debate Team, LMUN, so so much. In all of this, is there really any time for yourself? And if there is, what do you do during this time?

Nelson: (laughs) I get the question a lot. I have time for myself, though little, I make the best use of it. There are law books to read and friends to talk to. I chat a lot as well but fun is just too far. Can’t remember the last time I was in a cinema. I’m still happy though.

The PROs: Wow. That’s a lot of commitment.

Nelson: I try at least.

The PROs: With all of these things and others. For instance, I heard you’re conducting tutorials for members of your class, and with academics. How do you balance all of that?

Nelson: Yeah, all true. The best is making an impact with the little time I spend doing all of these things. I ration everything and sometimes forget I’m meant to be somewhere. But when I sit or stand to do any of these things, I try to do it well so if I dedicate time to read, I do it undisturbed. My Saturdays and Sunday evenings are testimonies to that.

The PROs: What’s the end goal of your studying law? To practise? To go into business?

Nelson: The commercial area. First, I gain a lot from the current practitioners. And it’s a mixture of my love for law with what an Igbo man likes best and human rights.

The PROs: So, in practice, you intend to focus on commercial law then?

Nelson: Yeah. Consultancy, litigation and arbitration.

The PROs: You have a position in LMUN 2018. Can you tell us more about that?

Nelson: Yeah, I’m the Assistant Chief of Staff and I’m glad to be in the best team. I feel very comfortable working in the team with a wonderful Secretary General, DSG, ASG, my boss, the Chief of Staff, a great Upper Secretariat and Staff. It’s tasking, but I still expect more. It’s my own little way of changing the world so I plan to give my all.

The PROs: What should we expect from LMUN 2018?

Nelson: Nothing short of a world class conference. Engaging topics and the most professional staff. I can’t promise perfection, but you’ll definitely see something more lit than Iron Man’s Suit.

The PROs: I can’t wait to see what your team brings to the table.

Nelson: Just something lit and light👌🏾

The PROs: What advice would you give to the new/ incoming members of the Mooting Society?

Nelson: Simple. The society gives you a million and one opportunities. Leave non to chance. Grab it all. You may not know a lot, learn. Some superheroes don’t have super powers, they develop strength. Be an ambassador of the society and make the Culture of Excellence a life long principle.

This next part is the really fun part of the interview. It’s the speed round. We told him to answer ‘honestly and freely’.

The PROs: What does your name, Nelson mean?

Nelson: I think Greatness. We are usually great so I just take that as the natural meaning of the name.

(Oshey, Nelson Mandela)

The PROs: What are your thoughts on Black Panther? Too much hype? Or not?

Nelson: Yeah, too much hype. But it’s worth the hype. Africa, a hero, love, culture and the screen graphics. Black Panther is just 🙅🏾‍♂🔥🙅🏾‍♂

The PROs: What’s your favorite quote?

Nelson: I learnt this in Junior secondary school and won’t forget.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela

The PROs: Pet peeve?

Nelson: Pet peeve… none.

The PROs: Who do you look up to?

Nelson: I look up to God first. Then, anyone who tows the path of greatness. If I call names, we won’t end this interview. But I have to call my Mum. I still wonder how she’s so efficient as a widow, she’s a super woman.

The PROs: What type of music do you listen to?

Nelson: Hip hop sometimes, blues sometimes and even the local jams. My mood determines what song I listen to.

The PROs: Who are your favorite artistes?

Nelson: Favorite artists, for now, Ric Hassani. I love Travis Greene sounds and that of Hillsong as well.

The PROs: I loooove Ric Hassani as well. He vibes the right way and gives all the right feels.

The PROs: What’s your taste in books?

Nelson: Books… anything that gives me an imagination out of this world. I will always hold on to Ever world.

The PROs: Food or water?

Nelson: Both…..Life doesn’t make sense when it comes in halves.

(Snaps fingers in the air)

The PROs: Public Speaking or Legal Writing?

Nelson: I love public speaking because it doesn’t require a lot of effort but legal writing takes a lot, especially research. I can’t pick any over the other because the former is an expression of the latter in my profession and must be merged.

The PROs: Black Panther or Batman?

Nelson: Wakanda Question is that? Black Panther. I love the power I get when I see this movie. Heritage is the word to portray this and make it even more original. So yes, I’ll pick it over Batman. I’m not racist though.

The PROs: Coke or Pepsi?

Nelson: This question seems like Water v. Water but the packaging makes it different. They are both nice, but not my thing. if I’m to pick though, I’ll pick Pepsi; cheaper and refreshing. I’m more of a teem kinda person.

The PROs: Do you have any woman in your life? If yes, who?

Nelson: Woman…okay. My mum and sister, that’s enough. Lol. I get the question though, just being mechanical about my lack of response.

The PROs: We really want to know. Is there some future Mrs Iheanacho somewhere? Let’s put the minds to rest, shall we?

Nelson: Just know that there’s someone special but we aren’t there yet. She might not even know she’s special.

The PROs: What football club do you support?

Nelson: Manchester United.

The PROs: Favorite color?

Nelson: Black

The PROs: What’s your favorite movie?

Nelson: October 1st. I’m patriotic.

The PROs: Favorite thing about being in the Mooting Society?

Nelson: The impromptu speeches and how we handle the effects with this family characterized laughs and murmurs

The PROs: When you hear the word, speak. What comes to mind?

Nelson: Written on my mind, “Be creative, burst heads and make sense. Importantly, pass a relevant information”.

Nelson Iheanacho is a 300 Level student of the Faculty of Law and a member of the Mooting Society.

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