Member Of The Month – Nelson Iheanacho

From the troves of the Public Relations Officers, represented by Titilope Adedokun; We present to you February’s Member Of The Month, Nelson Iheanacho. This is probably the most unconventional interview he’s ever had but first time’s a charm! And we must say, from Wakanda to Words, Nelson lives up to his meaning of his name,Continue reading “Member Of The Month – Nelson Iheanacho”

Member Of The Month – Ipinnuoluwa Ade-Ademilua

From getting late to his Moot Interview two years ago (and being penalized for it- he had to be part of the last set to be interviewed) to becoming the ‘Moot master’ (We see you Jessup 2017!) Time has proven, Ipinnuoluwa Ade-Ademilua is certainly a force to be reckoned with! His impeccable taste in music,Continue reading “Member Of The Month – Ipinnuoluwa Ade-Ademilua”

Member Of The Month – Ilamosi Ekenimoh

‘Everybody in the society then, were these amazing, smart, talented individuals. I wanted to learn, I wanted a little bit of that to rub off’ –  Ilamosi Ekenimoh And it certainly did! You know those people who are effortlessly smart, beautiful and in everything they do, leave you spellbound and anticipating for more; from oratoryContinue reading “Member Of The Month – Ilamosi Ekenimoh”