The School of Reasoning & Rhetoric 2018

A Report on the School of Reasoning & Rhetoric 2018. Public Speaking. Mooting. Mock Trials. Brief / Legal Writing. Debates. Long ago, these five skills were pertinent in crafting the perfect lawyer. But no one had access to them. Then, everything changed when The School of Reasoning and Rhetoric was born. Only The Lawyer, masterContinue reading “The School of Reasoning & Rhetoric 2018”


A session by Mr Matthew Burkaa Esq. Held on Tuesday, 27th of February 2018. Reported by Director of Research II, Amirah Rufai. 1. Your Relationship With The Client One of the first things you learn as a legal practitioner is your relationship with your clients. You must understand that Nigerian clients are different from clientsContinue reading “TIPS FOR CLIENT COUNSELING”