How to Submit

Entries can be submitted anytime in the year and should comply with the following requirements;

1. All entries should be sent to and must be in microsoft word format.

The subject of the email should state the category of entry being submitted .i.e., whether it is an article or case note or essay etc.

To facilitate our anonymous review process, authors should confine their name, institution, biographical information and acknowledgements to a separate cover page.
2. Articles, Book Reviews, Essays and Statute/Case Notes are the categories of entries that are accepted for publication. The entries submitted for publication shall go through an intensive review process and the Editorial Committee of the Journal of the Mooting Society University of Lagos has the sole discretion to determine whether an entry shall be published or not.
3. (a) An Article shall be between 3,000 to 25,000 words long.
(b) Book Reviews shall be accepted for publication by the Journal of the Mooting Society University of Lagos from recognized experts. The Editorial Board can also solicit reviews on important recent books from recognized experts.
(c) Essays shall not exceed 3,000 words within the main text and 1,250 words within the footnotes.
(d) A Statute/Case Note shall be a review of a Statute or a Case decided by any court within and outside Nigeria. Statute/Case Notes shall be at least 1,5oo words long. The Statute/Case Note shall have at least three parts (authors have the discretion to include more parts). The parts shall be the; Introduction, Body/Analysis, and the Conclusion.
4. All entries must comply with the University of Lagos Legal Citation Model (Unilag LCM). The Unilag LCM can be downloaded here.
5. All entries must be original and not have been published anywhere else, either online or in print. The Unilag Law Review also has a strict plagiarism policy. Plagiarized entries will not be accepted for publication.

Review Process

All entries shall go through an intensive review process by members of the Editorial Committee. Every entry shall go through four stages of review before accepted for publication. Entries submitted to the Journal of the Mooting Society University of Lagos will be reviewed between three to four weeks and authors whose entries have been accepted for publication shall be notified via email. As a matter of policy, we do not discuss the reasons for our publication decisions.