Photo Story: National Model United Nations (NMUN) 2017, Washington DC, USA

Lessons From Jessup 2018

It may be more than a few months since Jessup 2018. However, the memories are still fresh and the lessons, unforgettable. We recently asked the Jessup 2018 representatives to tell us their greatest lessons learnt. These are their responses! Tobi Oluwasanya says, First, there is always a lesson to be learned from every seemingly unpleasantContinue reading “Lessons From Jessup 2018”


Article by Olamide Sholabomi Nigeria’s Federal system makes it necessary to share governmental powers amongst the different tiers of government. The basis for the exercise of legislative powers between the Federal government and state government has been laid down by the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The relevant provisions as regards theContinue reading “CONSTITUTIONAL PROVISIONS IN RESPECT TO THE LEGISLATIVE COMPETENCE OVER ELECTRICITY MATTERS BETWEEN THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY AND THE STATE HOUSES OF ASSEMBLY”

The School of Reasoning & Rhetoric 2018

A Report on the School of Reasoning & Rhetoric 2018. Public Speaking. Mooting. Mock Trials. Brief / Legal Writing. Debates. Long ago, these five skills were pertinent in crafting the perfect lawyer. But no one had access to them. Then, everything changed when The School of Reasoning and Rhetoric was born. Only The Lawyer, masterContinue reading “The School of Reasoning & Rhetoric 2018”


A session by Mr Matthew Burkaa Esq. Held on Tuesday, 27th of February 2018. Reported by Director of Research II, Amirah Rufai. 1. Your Relationship With The Client One of the first things you learn as a legal practitioner is your relationship with your clients. You must understand that Nigerian clients are different from clientsContinue reading “TIPS FOR CLIENT COUNSELING”

Exclusive Interview With The Price Media Law Moot 2018 Team

And their Price went all the way up! We are back with another interview (and bad puns). This time, the Public Relations Officers of the Mooting Society, Zulu Uwolloh and Titilope Adedokun conducted an interview with the six team members of the Price Media Law Moot Court Competition 2018. They recently returned from the AfricaContinue reading “Exclusive Interview With The Price Media Law Moot 2018 Team”

Member Of The Month – Ipinnuoluwa Ade-Ademilua

From getting late to his Moot Interview two years ago (and being penalized for it- he had to be part of the last set to be interviewed) to becoming the ‘Moot master’ (We see you Jessup 2017!) Time has proven, Ipinnuoluwa Ade-Ademilua is certainly a force to be reckoned with! His impeccable taste in music,Continue reading “Member Of The Month – Ipinnuoluwa Ade-Ademilua”

Member Of The Month – Ilamosi Ekenimoh

‘Everybody in the society then, were these amazing, smart, talented individuals. I wanted to learn, I wanted a little bit of that to rub off’ –  Ilamosi Ekenimoh And it certainly did! You know those people who are effortlessly smart, beautiful and in everything they do, leave you spellbound and anticipating for more; from oratoryContinue reading “Member Of The Month – Ilamosi Ekenimoh”